Here’s to Tech Staff Everywhere

Okay, so I get that a successful blog involves a focused topic. However, the very reason I am inspired to write is to figure out said focus. My mind is a buzz from the events of the day; I just have to jot them down. Here goes my first entry..

Today we closed a show and on Wednesday we open another. So, between now and then the tech staff, interns, and the actors of our company work diligently (often throughout the night) to get ready for it. Actors are assigned on various crews to help out. There are the costume, electric, and scenic crews. I usually am assigned to costumes as it requires little strenuous man labor. Today though, I was on electrics. (Electrics takes care of all the lights for the show). I volunteered myself to go up what I believe was a twelve foot latter to hang lights; lights that have to have weighed around 10lbs. each. These numbers could be way off but it’s what it felt like to me. Anyhow I. WAS. SCARED. I like climbing up latters but balancing oneself at the top while rigging a light onto a pole hanging above passing folk below is a different thing. It takes A LOT of strength and focus. Things can go seriously awry easy. But I DID IT. I hung about four lights and WOW, did I ever feel a sense of accomplishment. I didn’t have to do it, someone else could have but since I know that putting myself outside my comfort zone is how to grow, why wouldn’t I do it?? Just as I was starting to get comfortable with it; I was switched out for others with more experience and was rather disappointed. But I understood since they were looking to move the process along quicker.

What’s more is that I developed a deeper appreciation for the tech staff. It is very serious, hazardous work they go through to keep us actors safe. In the short time I was on the deck this evening, I managed to pick up on a few electrical/technical terms that I didn’t know before and also the mechanics of well…hanging a light. I realized that if someone didn’t quite know what they were doing or if they were lazy with the process, there would be potential for some nasty accidents. It is SO important that they KNOW what they’re doing and do it to the best of one’s capability. I just am seriously blown away. Furthermore…I had fun. I never have fun during a load in. I liked being involved. I liked DOING.

I should note that there was an accident this evening on the deck but I have no idea how it happened and I am NOT saying those individuals didn’t know what they were doing. In fact, I honest to God had all of these thoughts before the accident ever occurred.

To all tech staff whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with, wow, you all amaze me with your skills and patience. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for keeping us safe and for making us look good. You guys are my heroes.


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